About Al-Amin Enterprises

We are a leading Trading and Manufacturing Company established in 1980, specializing in importing vast range of Electrical Grid Equipment, Power Equipment, Safety Equipment and Testing Equipment. We represent some of the world renowned companies. We are also registered vendor the Government, Semi-Government institutions, utility and Private Sectors.

After gaining success in the field of trading, our company stepped into the field of manufacturing focused on International Standard Electrical Copper Wire under the name of Al-Amin Cables. We further expanded our manufacturing business by production of Towers and WAPDA approved Steel Supporting Structure for grid station equipments.

The products we import and distribute for the markets are exclusively represented and holding the agency status from the overseas manufacturers/suppliers. This is the key factor which is maintained and improved by Al-Amin Enterprises at all times.

Our utmost goal is to supply goods conforming to International Standards to our customers in the power utilities and other related industries.

We strive to search for technologically advanced and sophisticated electrical products to the market.

More About Us

Theory of our Business

AL-AMIN ENTERPRISES has, for over three decades, conquered all the obstacles placed before it. Al-Amin Enterprises is like a big family where teamwork and collectivism is highly valued.


Future Strategy

To offer the best quality products at reasonable prices, while being backed up with outstanding customer service.


CEO Message

To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. These lead to the path of growth and high quality operation.