Al-Amin Enterprises offers different type of High Voltage Capacitors according to the client requirement.

The offered high voltage capacitors are manufactured and tested according to the latest IEC Standards. The product is type tested from international standard laboratory and also undergoes routine testing during manufacturing of HV Capacitors at the manufacturers work.

More Electrical Grid Equipments

72.5kV - 550kV Disconnectors

Al-Amin Enterprises offers reliable and energy efficient Disconnectors (Isolators) up to 550kV to meet client requirements.


66kV - 220kV Potential Transformer

Al-Amin Enterprises offers Potential Transformers ranging from 66kV to 220kV.


Surge Arrestors

Al-Amin Enterprises offers full range of high voltage surge arresters. The range comprises from 66kV to 220kV.