Linemen's Sleeves

Rubber Insulating Sleeves extend coverage of the arm from the cuff of rubber insulating gloves to the shoulder- fully protecting these areas from accidental contact with energized conductors and equipment.

Our principals manufacture these Rubber Insulating Sleeves according to the latest ASTM Standards. Each pair of glove is also tested at time of manufacturing.

Two different processes are used to manufacture insulating sleeves; dipping and molding. Both meet the current requirements of ASTM D1051 and offer the same high level of quality and protection.

Dipped Linemen's Sleeves

Dipped sleeves are manufactured by our principals in the same way as rubber insulating gloves. Porcelain forms are dipped into liquefied rubber, dried, trimmed, marked and cured. Every sleeve receives the same quality inspections and electrical testing before shipping.

Breakdown for Dipped Type 1 Sleeves
Class 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Size S, R, L or XL
Colour Yellow, Black, Red
S=small, R=Regular, L=Large, XL=Extra Large

Molded Linemen's Sleeves

Our principals manufacture the Molded sleeves by either injection or compression molding methods. Type I sleeves are available in black, yellow or maroon. Molded sleeves are available in curved arm style only.

Breakdown for Molded Type 1 Sleeves
Class Size Colour
1 R or L Yellow
2 R, L or XL Black, Yellow, Maroon
3 R or L Yellow, Maroon
4 R or L Maroon

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