Transformer Turns Ratio Test (T.T.R)

The T.T.R sets are designed to measure the turns ratio of power instrument and power distribution transformers in a substation or manufacturing environment.

As there are different types of TTR Sets are available, Al-Amin Enterprises offers such sets according to the client requirement.

For the offered material, the manufacturing and testing procedures meets the International Standards requirements.

More Testing Equipments

DC Dielectric Test Set

Al-Amin Enterprises offers DC Dielectric Test Sets as per the client requirements. These test sets are manufactured and tested according to the international standards.


Oil Test Set

Oil Test Sets are used to verify the quality of the insulation oil used for Circuit Breakers & Transformers.


C &DF Test Set

Capacitance and Dissipation Factor (C&DF) Test sets are used for evaluating the nature and quality of electrical insulation materials and systems.